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18th January 2018 
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Canary Wharf
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Founded in 2001 The Quiet Space has been providing Massage Therapy and Reiki to those who work and live in Canary Wharf, The Docklands and East London for seventeen years! Time certainly has flown by and it has been a real privilege to share that whole time and life experiences with many of the original clients of The Quiet Space. Originally an independent Complementary Health, Massage Therapy and Yoga Centre located in Westferry, we moved to The Cannon Workshops off West India Quay in Docklands East London in 2005. It is a five minute walk from Canary Wharf over the bridge and along the West India Quay side.

MASSAGE THERAPY, for Sports, Exercise and Injury Recovery, Pregnancy, Post Natal General Health and Wellbeing, Yoga and Self knowledge, Medical conditions, are still offered in a smaller premises at the same Cannon Workshops location. REIKI, and DR.VODDER LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, are also available. (Update- Currently welcoming interest from Lymphatic Drainage Therapists)

*Each week's Massage Therapy and Reiki appointment times are regularly updated on the appointments page.

Free Parking is available during your appointment time.
Nearest DLR/Tube: Canary Wharf, West India Quay, Westferry
Bus: D3, D8, D7, 277, 135, D6

Please see appointments page for further location directions

You are always welcome to call or email enquiries prior to making an appointment at The Quiet Space.

REFLEXOLOGY and DR.VODDER LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE I am interested to hear from a reflexologist and/or Dr.Vodder therapist who may like to practice here at The Quiet Space. Please send emails via the link on this site.

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When I first arrived in East London 15 years ago, I originally wrote a brochure which attempted to define what exactly might be unique about my approach to massage therapy in Canary Wharf. I looked at it recently and find the simple words still hold true. An abbreviated version of The some thoughts on massage section is written below.

A massage therapist has to be more than just a good technician, the ability to really listen to their clients is a skill in itself...

A massage is a subtle conversation between the hands of the therapist and their clients body....

The area of discomfort is not necessarily the source of the problem...

Massage works best by first creating pleasure and relaxation. A therapist cannot force a muscle to relax or lengthen because pain creates a defensive contraction.

(2015 update, I would have to admit though that sometimes it does hurt a bit though! - just like exercise. If you have been battering yourself down the gym, up a mountain or on a pitch or playing court you cant honestly expect a soothing caress to sort you out now can you?!).

There were a few more gems; I haven't updated this web site in many years; it needs a fair bit of editing.
My original intention was that there should be enough information for those who came upon it to have enough insight to make an informed decision. A better one than attempting to qualify their decision by asking how much and are you qualified?! So until I get around to editing... just go to the section which most fits you, ie rugby players might not be interested in pregnancy massage for example! Treatment here is truly individual, so there are yet more lengthy descriptions to be had on the therapy page, which I hope are comprehensive enough for those who enjoy a good read in the meantime!