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The majority of reasons for which people have been drawn towards a Reiki session here have seemed to be for a diversity of mental and emotional issues rather than physical although there are physical sensations felt during the session.

Some examples are work related stresses; as an aide to mental clarity and decision making; acceptance of a serious illness; bereavement; relationship problems/emotional distress; studying hard for exams; or on one occasion, nerves before a driving test!

There are many types of 'healing' in the alternative health world but a Reiki session here is non directive. An egotistic prescriptive approach to channelling Reiki would impose an unnecessary limitation. How much Reiki flows is actually under your own control. A Reiki practitioner is a channel-you can think of it a like turning on a tap. In my role as the 'tap' the less I focus in on what I think you need, the greater the flow and abundance will be available for you to draw on.

Therefore the sometimes powerful effects from the seemingly effortless simplicity of a Reiki session are dependant upon us both. The tap's (ie the practitioner) ability to open up as a channel and the receivers capacity or ability to receive. You will never get more than you can handle.

It is fair to say that nearly everyone no matter what comes up for them in a session will also feel very relaxed and peaceful after a Reiki Session.

Reiki At The Quiet Space. How the appointment is conducted.


Before We Begin.
There is a very brief chat when you arrive just to help you settle down really. So I will ask you just a few questions.
If it is your first experience;
if you have read about it;
If you know someone who has either been here to me or has had Reiki.

I will then advise you to acknowledge just to yourself - if you feel need to do so - why you might be here and then to absolutely the best you can set it aside and just lay down on the table. (There is always time set aside after to talk through your experience). Regarding stating intentions yes it can be beneficial to you opening yourself up to the experience but the reality is that you are here to discover what The Reiki may unfold for you, not boss it about🙂.

During the hands on session.
Regarding what I will do physically, each session is different but as a general rule especially for the first time, I will be in hands on contact with you.
This is to reassure you where I am, let you perceive on at least one level what I am doing and help you to close your eyes and to relax.

Immediately after.
There are so many potential highly individual scenarios, it is much much better to answer your questions related to your personal tangible experience on the day and that is why time is set aside as part of your session.

After you have left.
If I had to select one or very common aspect post session is that nearly everyone feels very peaceful. Many others also report back having a feeling of light all around them that sometimes lasts for several days afterwards.

How does ‘it’ work ?
Well that is what the personal to you integration of the experience post session chat is about!



Reviews of Reiki at The Quiet Space that are available for you to read on independent web sites

I have included some reviews (from a referral app site where people initially had often booked in for a one off curiosity experience. They are still relevant as Reiki flows where invited and by making the appointment clearly they were open and interested to have the experience much the same as others who have chosen specifically to seek it out completely independently for a specific ‘need’)

Either motive is fine, because Reiki does not act only in the moment, it’s gentle influence extends into the past and into the future. The main thing to remember is it acts through you; your thoughts, your emotions, your actions. It does not directly influence circumstances or those around you. You and each one of us is at the centre of the universe…

This hour was the most relaxing and healing hour I’ve had. I highly recommend those sessions!

Had an absolutely amazing reiki experienced and left feeling relaxed.

Annie was amazing. Would definitely recommend appointments with her

Amazing and powerful experience - highly recommend

I came in feeling mentally and spiritually completely drained and messed up. I left feeling reborn ahha :)

This was my first reiki experience. Annie took the time to guide me through And answer questions afterwards. Very unique experience And highly recommended.

Lovely, warm therapist with magic hands. I’d highly recommend her!


REIKI MUSINGS A collection of thoughts based on my experiences over the years in no particular order.

I have been ‘quietly’ offering Reiki at The Quiet Space since the very beginning. Previously, I just chose to place it within the therapies but not to highlight it.


Where to begin?

What to say?

Well there is a lot of reference to be drawn from my own learning experiences gained while channelling and from so many many conversations with clients over the years when they are integrating their experience at the end of the session. Here is a succinct appraisal of it from my perspective 

I see a lot of references to ‘unblocking your blocks’…The thing is that Reiki is free flowing…after I have allowed it to pass through me with as little of my own influence as possible what happens within and around you is not something I should have any attempt to take control of… I am not here to do battle with your ‘energy blocks’… and the more that you attempt to do so yourself, the less likely you are to gracefully ‘succeed’ Reiki is something that both the channeller and the receiver allow to flow through the areas of least resistance gradually transforming and softening and absorbing and integrating… it is not a weapon… Maybe there will come a moment when some’thing’ will crumble away suddenly but it will be at a time when you are able to easily deal with the ‘consequences’ and will gain greater flow and freedom from it rather than have them forced long before you are ready..

Remember that I am a channel and the clearer a channel I can be is what will facilitate your experience unfiltered or influenced by me…Of course I am present and supportive and seemingly physically active during the session but at the same time I am continuously coming back to being a channel of the Reiki.

No two sessions are the same even for the same person on different occasions in terms of what the receiver will experience. There are some common aspects but in my opinion the less we discuss what to expect before we begin the less barriers we are potentially constructing to simply allowing the flow. At the end of the appointment I always have time set aside for you to integrate, talk or share what ever you wish to or not of your experience. It is not a counselling session it is a time when I can explain more about the Reiki itself and to listen actively as you verbalise any thoughts or feelings that have surfaced. After all we must be the best two people to have that discussion

During the appointment don’t try to do anything, the only effect that will have is to limit what is freely available to you. Just lay down and let it all unfold. Your subconscious can update your mind at any time it gets the opportunity. Attempts to contain or direct it within you in any form is simply not required. You don’t need to protect yourself or manage the energy in any way.

There is no need to grab or pull on the energy in any way. In fact the more you ‘do’ the less you will be able to receive. This is because by trying to direct or work with it at the time it is being channelled to you; known or unknown, you are actually not accepting it into areas and aspects or layers of yourself, mentally, emotionally or physically. In essence you are conciously or subconsciously blocking the flow of the Reiki that is being offered to you.

Rest assured that I can definitely perceive when there is a resistance of any kind within or around you to the flow and I am not here to ‘force’ or ‘interact’ with you or push through that resistance.. It is very clear to me when I should move on or move away. I follow where it is freely and easily welcomed. The total simplicity of delivery is probably where some practitioners can have a temptation to embellish it and mix it up with other modalities stems from. I have read about this and hear from clients of their experiences elsewhere. I never been drawn into taking that approach. For me in my own life and with friends and family and my clients Reiki has always been ‘enough’

If you have any concerns ahead of the appointment about whether you may be able to allow the flow of Reiki: Just imagine that you are simply going to be bathed in a lovely gentle energy and what will pass through, soften or be permeated will do so without overwhelming you.

I trust in it and you can learn to trust in it too.

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