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Pregnancy and General Well-being and Relaxation
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Hello. My name is Annie and I have been providing Massage Therapy for Sport, Pregnancy, General Wellbeing and Reiki to those who work and live in Canary Wharf, The Docklands and East London for 20 years since July 2000. Before that I was based in New York where I originally completed my training. There is a lot of information on this site but most of what you need to know in order to make an appointment is right here on the home page.

How do you want to feel after your massage?

Energised? Relaxed? Focused? Centred? More Co-ordinated with an enhanced understanding of your body/self? Ready to take on the world? Ready for a good nights sleep?
Or any combination of the above?! (Recent review comment - ‘refreshed’ like that description :)- )
There is a bespoke massage waiting just for you here with me at The Quiet Space.

This week and next current available appointments

Times are initially flexible while diary fills. The hours posted are based on 60 minute treatment times. If you do not see a time that suits just send a quick text or email as there are further options not listed to accommodate 30 and 90 minute appointments.

Week commencing Monday 16th March please send messages to arrange your appointments. Please note that I am no longer
permitted to operate face to face and that appointments are now for remote Reiki healing.


Hope to be allowed to open soon! Really looking forward to welcoming you back.

Please don’t worry. I will (with your co-operation) look after both of us to my very best ability, knowledge and personal integrity. Remember I also have to feel comfortable and safe and at ease in my treatment space!

I am reading on various forums and closed groups on the internet how most of my peers really do appear to be struggling adapting to the ‘new’ guidelines both mentally and logistically... For me I can honestly say there is is no new information regarding infection control in the latest or ongoing government guidelines. Neither is there a practice which I have not previously engaged with either here or at the,hospital.
I have though made some small adjustments to the treatment room and incorporated and drawn on my hospital experience to make those changes. The changes will not be intrusive to you and include waterproof pillowcase liners and other couch accessories (no they dont make a noise when you use them!) more space for you to get changed and a place for your watch and jewellery etc, upgraded my surface wipes to the exact same brand I used in the NHS etc.

This is not a multi room spa with a tiny dark treatment room. My room is big, it has two windows and enough room for several people to maintain a distance from each other if not wearing a mask.. I have complete control over the environment, the timing of my appointments and who I choose to take an appointment with.

Your only ‘new’ task will be to call me when you get to the workshops so I can escort you and for you to bring along some kind of covering that is super comfortable for your face during the massage. I will be wearing a high filtration mask for your benefit and needless to say you will not be coming into contact with any untreated between what I am wearing and my two large windows and whatever you bring along (mask, visor, piece of material) I hope and anticipate you will be able to relax and enjoy your massage and not worry about breathing!

Simple requirements:
Call me when you arrive entrance of Cannon Workshops. I will come and escort you. (Nothing new there as most people get lost on arrival to the workshops).
Bring a comfortable face covering.
If you have particular anxieties or questions I am happy to go through these with you at the time you are requesting your appointment.


1.Send a quick text to 07939026830 or email via contact form with request.

2 You will get a very prompt response from me personally. (The only consideration to this being that I may be engaged in a treatment or if it is the middle of the night.. asleep!)

3. You can pay online using the paypal link or in person at time of appointment using cash or by debit credit card using my Sum Up terminal.

Appointment Fees

Postcode E14 4AS Scroll further down page for more detailed location directions.

FREE PARKING is available during your appointment time. See map and appointments page for full directions. I will need your car make, colour and reg as the parking permit system is camera and licence plate recognition controlled.

Nearest DLR/Tube: Canary Wharf, West India Quay, Westferry London E14

Bus: D3, D8, D7, 277, 135, D6

Cycling The treatment room can easily accomadate your bike.


I feel that your experience here at The Quiet Space should be confidential. A massage therapy appointment is a highly individualised and deeply personal experience for you. For me to work with you with full integrity, ‘hold the space‘ for what unfolds sometimes as long held tensions release and then for you to unravel or revisit what life has thrown your way requires trust on both sides and not one eye on the potential ‘star rating’

However as I also practice in another venue and with App referrals where they encourage reviews. I have placed the most recent of these below. Please note I do not ever request my fully private QS clients to write reviews.

All of the below reviews are published by the app anonymously.

Week of 09/02/2020
Massage Therapy (30 min)

Annie was amazing, very caring and helpful. Will definitely come back!

Week of 02/02/2020
4 days ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Impressed with this therapy session, expected just a standard massage but this was far better and more like a treatment where you benefit from the knowledge and experience of the practitioner. Saved me. Will be back.

Week of 02/02/2020
4 days ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Great massage. Annie takes the time to get to know her clients and determine how to make the massage benefit them best.

Week of 26/01/2020
1 day ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

One of the best massages I’ve ever had
5 days ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Annie is awesome. Thoroughly recommend. Will be back.
Week of 19/01/2020
1 week ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Excellent..would definitely come back!
4 days ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Annie is amazing. Very patient in explaining her massage approach and answer any questions that I have. I feel a lot better after the session!

Massage Therapy (30 min)

I feel that Annie is a master and definitely above the level of any massage therapists I’ve visited. She listens to what your body needs and simply adjusts what the session should contain. My body felt so refreshed after only 30 mins!
Week of 05/01/2020
3 days ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Had a great massage. Masseuse didn’t catch her name was very considerate and did a lot in the short period of time. Pleasant ambience. Nicely presented. Be sure to know where you are going first.
5 days ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

One of the best massages I have had. Her 20 years experience really make her good at what she’s doing , it was amazing. She knows how to fix my tension within 30mins
1 week ago

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Amazing therapist who does this work for passion. Highly recommended

Massage with Anne
Most valuable massage experience I have ever had! Anne is incredibly knowledgable and was able to instantly map out my problem areas and to provide me with actionable advice on how to alter my day-to-day behaviour to reduce pain and aches in my back. In addition, the massage provided instant relief to my body which is under constant abuse from office work combined with an irregular, but at times very intense, exercise routine. I was hoping for a 30 minute massage that would, at best, make me feel a little more relaxed but this appointment truly exceeded my expectations and I would strongly recommend anyone to book an appointment with Anne. Thank you!

Massage with Anne
"I can honestly say this was the best massage I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve got a spinal fusion and Anne really helped relieve the pain and tension in my back, something that no physiotherapist or masseuse has ever been able to do in the past. Thanks Anne I will definitely be back for a longer session"

Week of 08/12/2019

Massage Therapy (30 min)
Anne is very thorough with the consultation and makes sure to really understand your needs and give you the best possible experience - she’s very very knowledgeable and I’ll definitely go back ! I was so tight after some tough weeks between work and classes and my muscles now feel definitely relieved! Thanks

Massage Therapy (30 min)
I had a great experience. Anne was knowledgeable and considerate and tailored the session to my personal needs. I’ll be returning regularly

Reiki (60 min)
I came in feeling mentally and spiritually completely drained and messed up. I left feeling reborn ahha :)
Week of 10/11/2019

Reiki (60 min)
This was my first reiki experience. Annie took the time to guide me through And answer questions afterwards. Very unique experience And highly recommended.

Massage Therapy (30 min)
This mornings session was fab, Anna really knows her stuff and has helped my shoulder heaps and just within half an hour. Will definitely be returning for more sessions.

Reiki (60 min)
Lovely, warm therapist with magic hands. I’d highly recommend her!

Massage Therapy (30 min)
Fantastic first time massage experience, so wonderful and relaxing - just what I needed. Annie was wonderful and so attentive. Takes a really personalised approach to your massage with time before and after to talk it through. Thank you Annie! Look forward to booking another massage soon!

Massage Therapy (30 min)
Fantastic massage . Anne was very welcoming , understanding and knowledgeable. She took her time with the treatment and after suggested stretches that could work for my needs . Highly recommend !

Massage Therapy (30 min)
Incredible. Best massage I had in ages! Couldn't recommend enough. Do make sure to give yourself time for the pre-treatment discussion.

QUALITY:- Fantastic massage - "best in many a year. Thank you!"

Excellent! Quality -" Anne was very professional, understanding and had a lot of experience. Would not hesitate to rebook!"

A little information about my training and experience.

My original training was at The Swedish Institute in Manhattan USA in 1998.
On graduation from The Swedish institute we were qualified to and expected to apply our skills as required with sport and injuries, with pregnancy or medical conditions both in our private practice and when working in collaboration with chiropractors, in hospitals or with medical insurance companies

I have training, qualifications and have practiced in Shiatsu and five element theory and Dr.Vodder Lymphatic Drainage but I do not offer them anymore as standalone therapies as I have always focused on massage therapy.

I have also been Reiki attuned since 2000 and am currently undergoing a very traditional albeit long distance apprenticeship in Reiki master with my original teacher who lives and practices in New York. We are of the Usui lineage and our branch or lineage is comprised of six prior masters.

For a period of time from 2009-2019 I worked within the NHS and so I operated The Quiet Space in my free time. It took a long time to extricate myself from the nursing role despite always knowing for most of those years that if For example I had ever won the lottery and did not need to work I would have quit the nursing in the very next heartbeat - but would have been totally bereft if I could not be a massage therapist anymore! I finally managed it and have been back full time with my true vocation since November 2019.

Interesting link to current medical research on reiki

You are always welcome to call me or email enquiries prior to making an appointment at The Quiet Space.

If you have free time and want to read more about the numerous benefits of massage or more about my background it is all available to you on other pages.

Please click on any of the links for a description of what to expect and an outline of some of the potential benefits. I have focused on outlining the actual potential benefits for you from each massage rather than an educational anatomy and physiology approach. Feel free to email me any questions though and I will be happy to respond.

read about massage and its benefits , (external link)

Your massage here at The Quiet Space

I am a completely independant practitioner therefore I can be flexible and take the time and approach that we need to complete a treatment with you as the individual that you are. I am also free to give you appropriate recomendations and advice and referrals to others who may be better placed to help you or complement our work together.

The ‘type’ of massage we will engage with during your appointment will be structured according to our discussion and will take fully into account your desired outcome together with my assessment in how to achieve that for you within either a one off session, several or long term series of appointments.

If you want to ask me something the next day or later at any time in the future you can easily contact me without going through a booking agent or receptionist.

I value your right to privacy and have never liked a conveyor belt approach to treating people. There won’t be someone else here when you arrive and another sitting outside when you leave. Therefore if we need a few extra minutes we can take them at no extra charge, if you are on a tight schedule we can accomadate that. (To facilitate all of this it is therefore very important both for me and for your maximum benefit also that you arrive on time for your appointment).

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It is possible to enjoy and benefit from an ante natal massage at any time during your pregnancy. Post natal massage to relax and rejuvenate is also highly beneficial.

I was just thinking that the 'baby' of the first 'mother to be' that I gave a massage to would now be 20 years old!

Location directions.

My treatment room is located within the Grade 2 Listed buildings of The Cannon Workshops on Hertsmere Road just off West India Quay.
Post code is E14 4AS. See map on side bar.

It is a 5 minute walk from Cabot Square.
Cross over the pedestrian bridge onto The West India Quay; turn left as you come off the bridge and you will see The Cannon Workshops ahead of you facing the end of the quay. (The water is now on your left and the bars and restaurants are on your right and The cannon Workshops will be visible straight ahead of you once you pass The Docklands museum.)
West India Quay DLR is three minutes walk along the quayside same as above.
Westferry DLR is five minutes walk.
See photo images of directions on the appointments page if still unsure.

If you are driving we are fortunate that you may park for free during your appointment inside The Cannon Workshops Courtyard.

If cycling my treatment room can easily accommodate your bicycle.

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There is a lot of Sports massage available in Canary Wharf and E14...So is a sports and injury massage at The Quiet Space relevant to you?
We all have numerous imbalances in our bodies that normally pass unnoticed until we begin to challenge ourselves physically beyond normal activities. Whether that change is because of an increase in the weights you are lifting, a technique improvement, stamina or flexibility training or simply pain and discomfort from prolonged sitting at a desk; a long day in high heels; a stint in the garden or moving furniture! We will discuss your goals or issues and I will work towards those goals with you to improve coordination and ‘skill’, develop the awareness in your habitual movements and release the power of your muscles regardless of which sport or activity you are currently engaged in while you are in the relaxed environment of a massage. Read more

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Does this image remind you of anyone?!

Massage can help alleviate the aches, reset your muscles and develop a better posture. So while you are in the position... and if your neck and shoulders are actually aching a little now or you are noticing that your head is very far forward of your shoulders...think about texting for some APPOINTMENTS to see how beneficial it can be!

Never had a therapeutic massage before?!

I wrote the text featured at the bottom of the page titled ‘Thoughts on Massage’ way back in 2000 when I first returned to London. 19 Years ago skilled therapeutic massage was not really so widely available in London and generally people were less well educated about the benefits.
Times and attitudes have certainly changed and massage therapy clients are now familiar with concepts of deep tissue, trigger point, sport massage and so forth. However the words I wrote below when still relatively inexperienced still hold true and apply in some way to every type of massage whether it be sport, deep tissue, general relaxation, remedial or pregnancy or any other description currently in vogue!


Dear Body and Mind

When you are tense your muscles are literally squeezing you internally, inhibiting the free flow of energy.
You can think of this energy as blood circulation; nerve impulses; ideas; openness; enthusiasm and a zest for life...a general sense of wellbeing...the resilience of your immune system.

Easing of this tension with the help of massage can assist in enhancing the energy you have for your daily activities, how you relate to the people in your life and of course your general health.

A massage using a deep tissue approach, but applied with skill and a soothing sensitivity; is not only deeply relaxing at the time; but can also be highly beneficial in managing various medical conditions, an aid to exercise programs and assist in speedier recovery from injuries.

Quite impressive for a one hour relaxing experience!

Yours faithfully

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