The Quiet Space

12th December 2018 
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Canary Wharf
East London
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Biography. bookmarkI originally trained at The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in Manhattan New York USA graduating in 1998.( Arriving back in London I moved into a live work studio at Westferry in July 2000 where I began to develop The Quiet Space. I have been in full time practice as a massage therapist with a very varied client base ever since my original New York training.

In 2005 I moved The Quiet Space to The Cannon Workshops where we remained for three or so years enjoying yoga classes, belly dancing and pilates as well as providing a treatment room for various therapists and my own massage practice. Many of the clients who first came to The QS at Westferry in 2000/2001 are still around today.

Biography. roomThe current version of The Quiet Space is just myself and a small treatment room. My clients are totally varied in terms of lifestyles, hobbies and reasons for getting regular massage therapy.

The Quiet Space is still listed around as a yoga studio despite closing the yoga studio some time ago.So if you are reading this looking for the yoga, there are no classes for the time being. Closing the studio with hindsight was probably not a 'good business decision' but it was the right personal one at the time. All the years of yoga practice, self enquiry and of course the insights gained from nearly 20 years massage therapy practice provide a fundamental influence in my life. Plus other interests and responsibilities (Nursing) (climbing Kilimanjaro) (Parent caring) have come and gone over the years. I am currently enjoying an all consuming passion for Ballroom Dancing:)

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