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Biography. SI

I originally trained at The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences graduating in 1998. Arriving back in London I moved into a live work studio at Westferry Studios in July 2000 where I began to develop my London practice, help other therapists find work and grow the Yoga classes.

I have been in practice as a massage therapist with a very varied client base ever since my original New York training. For all of these 20 years, along with all the usual neck shoulder back issues, I have noted that many Clients find their way to me when ready to take on a change of some kind in their lives. It is a very professionally fulfilling aspect of the work to be part of a major transformation or reset for someone...

I am also of course more than happy to help you maintain some level of personal status quo while you deal with circumstances not really under your control like ongoing work pressures, wedding preps..injury, illness or various physical conditions. They come under the heading of life in general!

While I was a ‘part time’ therapist between 2009 and 2019 I lost touch with the general therapist community. I just focused on my clients amd anyone new who found their way here to me. When I was preparing to ditch the nursing role I went out looking for a bit of a safety net while I rebuilt my private practice.

After reading a lot of the marketing and advertising and credentials of other therapists I was genuinely unsure of where I was placed...

I would have to say that from what I have witnessed both in many new client expectations and in my observation of and interaction with other therapists that I have been surprised and somewhat saddened at the what I have found.. Skills that I would consider to be introductory level are now touted as specialist... The result of that being a really low the expectation by the general public both in what is achievable on a purely physical level as well as the truly multi dimension spectrum of benefits available.

After 20 years I do understand and sympathise with relatively inexperienced therapists gradually gaining their skill and experience...It was just such a revelation and not a good one and perhaps explains the shockingly low fees..

I would also like to say that there are also no doubt very good therapists in the lower end of the mix that have been caught up in the financial exploitation whilst looking to build their practices.. Overall though it really does make me ask the question: How much do the clients think they themselves are worth? I can tell you that your time and your money and you are worth a lot more than a couple of cups of coffee going by some of fees promoted to you over the internet..

Biography. ificate

The current version of The Quiet Space is just myself and a small treatment room. My clients are totally varied in terms of lifestyles, hobbies and reasons for getting regular massage therapy.

Biography. bookmark

For me when The Quiet Space was also a yoga studio it felt like a temple and our yoga students did say it felt very reverential. I thought I was going to buy a premises and live above it for the rest of my life!

Closing the studio in 2008 was a huge wrench and with hindsight was probably not a 'good business decision' but it was the right personal one at the time and life continued to unfold.

The majority associated with The Quiet Space at the time were wonderfully supportive and kind.. and several went on to become longterm massage therapy clients: some of the lovely emails sent to me after the announcement.

“Is there anything I can do to help - even if its just being there for a chat or
something - you let me know now.”

“I have really appreciated your support of me and am wishing you every
success for the future. I am around this week mainly working from home
so call or email and lets meet up. Please don't just disappear..”

“I hope to see you around the neighbourhood and good luck with whatever you planning to do next.”

“It was nice knowing you“.

“I am so sorry to hear that The Quiet Space has closed! That's such a shame! I really enjoyed my classes there as it was so small and personal compared to other venues.”
“Thanks Annie for the brief encounters we had and I wish you all the best for the future!!
If The Quiet Space has a change of luck and decides to reopen in the future, please do let me know.”

Biography. N3

Other interests and responsibilities (Nursing) (travelling, Climbing Kilimanjaro) (Parent caring) have come and gone over the years.

Biography. can2

All those years of yoga practice, self enquiry, the other interests, physical hobbies, personal accidents and injuries plus of course the insights and perspectives gained from nearly 20 years massage therapy practice provide a fundamental influence and knowledge base- physically, mentally and emotionally which I draw from when treating and working with you.

I am currently enjoying an all consuming passion training and competing in the without any doubt athletic and Cardio workout that International Standard and Latin Ballroom Dancing provides! Even at my low level , Strictly' it most definitely is not! I invite you to youtube Blackpool Ballroom or Latin Final to see the pros in action!

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