The Quiet Space Massage Therapy for Sports, Injury Recovery,
Pregnancy and General Well-being and Relaxation
Canary Wharf, East London


Review the available times with the consideration that I can be accommodating and somewhat flexible on condition it does not affect an existing scheduled appointment.

Send a text. 07939026830 /or email via contact form with request.

You will get a very prompt response from me personally. (The only consideration to this being that I may be engaged in a treatment or if it is the middle of the night.. asleep!) We will confirm the timing and I will make note of car and registration plate if you will be driving here.

You can pay using the paypal link or when you arrive by cash or all major debit and credit cards.


Appointment Fees


Times are initially flexible while diary fills. Last appointment to be completed by approximately 9pm. The hours posted are based on 60 minute treatment times. If you do not see a time that suits just send a quick text or email as there are further options not listed to accommodate 30 and 90 minute appointments.

Please send messages to arrange your appointment and home page for more details.
Further government restrictions are now implemented therefore the remaining available service will be distant Reiki healing. Excellent for mental relaxation, sense of calm and alleviating stress!


Please see home page!


Cash Payments
£35 (30 mins)
£65 (1 hour)
£90 (1.5 hours)
Reiki £55 (1 hour)

Card Payments
£36 (30 mins)
£66.50 (1 hour)
£92 (1.5 hours)
Reiki £56 (1 hour)
Reiki distant Healing £25 (30 mins)

Packages of 3 massages (Card Payment) Please see terms of purchase below.
£108.00 (30 mins)
£195.00 (60mins)
£270.00 (90 mins)

Packages of 5 massages (Card Payment) Please see terms of purchase below.
£175.00 (30 mins)
£320.00 (60 mins)
£440.00 (90 mins)

Payment to be made in person at time of appointment. Please do take note that all card payment advance payment packages will strictly expire within 90 days from purchase date without any exemptions. As they are purchased at time of appointment there are no refunds available on any outstanding balance.

However you are very welcome to pass along your massage time to a friend or colleague should life throw other plans at you and you find yourself unable to complete your massages within the 90 days. Simply notify me and the name and contact details of your ‘nomine(s)’ Again the massages expiry times still remains the same as the original purchase date.

Card processing via Pay Pal and Sum Up for single massages incur additional fees to cover the processing fee charged by them.

*Please do not pay for an appointment in advance via PayPal until you have confirmed the timing and availability with me. I have added a nominal sum to the fees to cover the charge by PayPal and the credit and debit card payment processing company. (SumUp is a terminal you may well have noticed in smaller stores, salons and cafes)


Generally you can expect a prompt response to a booking request.

You can use the contact form via the email links on each page or text. Please leave me your full name, your contact phone number/who referred you or how you found The Quiet Space and a very brief indication of the nature of the request. ie sports/pregnancy/general well-being.

If you prefer to speak in person prior to making an appointment, please note it will be necessary to leave a voicemail as I am mostly un available to answer in person at the time you may call.

Parking:please provide car make, colour and registration for our car parking management company. It is a timed camera licence plate recognition system.

In the interests of privacy for those attending for their appointments; No drop in visits please. Should you wish to discuss any specific concerns regarding your suitability for a treatment in person rather than by phone or email I can arrange a brief 10 minute consultation at a mutually convenient time. There is no charge for this consultation. Please note it is intended only to assess suitability for an appointment at The Quiet Space. Please call or email to request.

Book an appointment. cannon workshops


Area landmarks are the West India Quay DLR (we are at the opposite end of West India Quay from the Dockland Light Railway Station) Hertsmere Road also has the cinema, the Gym and the Marriot Hotel. A new landmark is a recently opened ‘Point a ‘ hotel which has been built in the left hand side of the workshops.

Book an appointment. Doorway

Driving and car parking

Pass THROUGH the arch you can see in the photo into the internal courtyard and then try to park immediately on your right close to the entrance. This will be more convenient for you going back and forth to your car with your temporary parking permit.

Book an appointment. Bridge

Walking from Canary Wharf

If coming on foot to West India Quay via the footbridge from Canary Wharf, turn left off the bridge and ahead you can see the workshops just beyond the Museum in Docklands and last bar on the quayside.The photo below is the view approaching the workshops. Entrance to number 48 is found via the doorway on the right within the archway that you can see in the photo.

Book an appointment. cannon workshops


The Quiet Space is located within The Cannon Workshops off Hertsmere Road.
48 Cannon Workshops
3 Cannon Drive
London E14 4AS

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