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The 'Thoughts' below are inspired by my personal experiences and by what I have observed and experienced with my clients over the years. I will be adding more and changing them periodically.

Dear Body and Mind. When you are tense, your muscles are literally squeezing you internally; inhibiting the free flow of energy. You can think of this energy as circulation; nerve impulses; ideas; openness; enthusiasm; a zest for life...a general sense of well being; the resilience of your immune system.

Easing of this tension, with the help of massage can assist in enhancing the energy you have for your daily activities, how you relate to the people in your life and of course, your general health.
Simple words written back in 2000 when I was relatively inexperienced which have proven over the years to be utterly true in numerous ways.

My personal experience over the years is that as internal awareness becomes ever more subtle, we understand that we never completely erase anything, only increase our capacity to see it in ever more detail, defuse the mental and emotional charge related to it, lessen the unconsious influence over us and make more space for it within ourselves.

Allowing a rebalancing between negative and positive. Regarding your ‘bad’ your ‘sad’ emotions.
There are also many many good forgotten memories locked away in your body available to be recollected by you

Regarding your perceived physical deficits and fitness and exercise attempts .. Do something you want to or would love and experience how ingenious your body is at responding to your heartfelt efforts. There are enough daily ought to, should do, have to do’s in our lives. I have witnessed some very impressive physical transformations over the years when clients have finally found the activity they love.

Accepting where you are right now physically, mentally or emotionally is the only place you can start from. Like orientating yourself on a map. If you don’t know where you are or don’t want to know then how can you plan how to get to where you want to be?! Physically you might have to develop awareness in order to train your muscles better, mentally you may need to relax and focus your mind allowing new ideas time and space to formulate, or emotionally to recognise the link between your body and your emotions.

What does it mean to be 'in the zone' ?
Our sense of 'The present moment' is by definition normally fleeting and passes unnoticed second by second obscured by our thoughts and reactions both physical and emotional to the past and plans for the future. Do you really often notice how when you are relaxed (mentally, emotionally, or physically) things just go better generally, Time 'distorts' -you get more tasks done in less time, you perform better, you react more calmly.
For myself as a massage therapist one of the things I love is that the years of hands on experience allows me to react in real time. I do not grasp mentally or quantify what I feel or have to try to figure out what to do during a massage.
I can be present moment by moment for you ('in the zone ') and if you become relaxed enough, along with whatever other reason you have come along for you will also let go into the present.

With the perspective afforded by the privilege of providing massage I have come to think we have created everything in our world to better understand the greatest of mysteries. -Our own selves and the nature around us.
-Not even ‘create’ just mimic the still dimly understood reality of our own potential.

Are we all just a bunch of conditioned learned reflexes? What might happen if we could selectively press 'a reset button' for parts of our 'programming' ? Well we know that isn't possible because at present anyway we are mostly only melded with our computers with our minds. Will all us therapists become computer technicians in the future?? Will you only 'think' you are getting a massage?!

I believe by the time most of us have lived a couple of decades we have gathered and tucked away a lot of pain into our physical hearts and suppressed a lot of tension in our minds.

In a ‘natural’ death, a person drifts in and out of consciousness and often has hallucinations potentially because it is such humongous task letting go of all of that pain and tension.

Would it be better to do this job a little earlier and therefore gain some benefit while you are still alive!

What does ‘happy’ actually physically feel like to you? What do your various ‘happy states’ look like? How do you visually recognise in another person that they are happy? Alternatively, what posture do you adopt when you are sad? Or anxious? Or impatient?
The truth is that your muscular patterning is very complex and individual. So many ways to physically express the nuances.
Likewise the recognition (potentially inaccurate) by those around you will also be a learned program.

In consideration that our movements are a range of learned muscular habits. Do you have a postural habit -meaning a string of a and b must equal c muscle co-ordinations that are sending out all the ‘wrong signals’ to yourself and everyone around you??! Just a question.

Working for it. Putting in the hours. Transformation. Overnight success??!
Watch a building being constructed. It is working towards a goal or a vision.
A lot of steps and stages and ‘fails’ and fixes and adjustments. All being dependant on what has gone before.
Each ‘set back’ is merely a new perspective or awareness created as you continue to develop. Nothing is wrong and something that is right won’t be ‘right enough’ later. Lifelong learning! How exciting is that??! Like a child with so much yet to discover and more deeply appreciate!

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